Pamela C. Selected for Women Deliver Young Leaders Class 2020


By Yvonne Yousey
August 1, 2020


Pamela and her mom

Pamela Chumil, a QFund student who began her studies in social work in 2019 at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala, has been selected to participate in Women Deliver Young Leaders Class of 2020.  Pamela was one of 300 students selected out of more than 5600 applicants from around the world.  These students (both male and female) were selected for “their potential to have a lasting impact on the lives of girls and women”.  As a group, they have already impacted a wide range of issues, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal health, LGBTQIA+ rights, peace and security, water and sanitation, gender-based violence, education, political participation, and youth engagement.  (As reported on Women Deliver website). 


Through participating in this program, Pamela will gain skills that influence gender equality and actively shape programs that affect health and rights of girls, women, and young people.  Over the next two years she will receive advocacy training and skills, and learn about resources through various digital learning platforms provided by Women Deliver.   She will have opportunity to build networks through workshops, receive access to resources and grant funding, and enhance her influence through media and speaking opportunities.  Finally, she will participate in the Women Deliver 2022 Conference — the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. (From Women Deliver Web Page).

Pamela says the following regarding her involvement in Young Leaders Program: 

As young women, we have the potential to create a new generation in a more equal  world with more opportunities. We are the future. We are critical thinkers. We can empower others to speak up, to fight for our human rights, to have good health, to have a good education. We are change makers.


When asked what ignited her interest in gender equality, Pamela responds:

           I think all the differences that I saw in my community changed my thought. We need an equal world where everyone can access the                        different resources they need.

We are thrilled that Pamela will have this opportunity during her university studies.  She has already expressed her commitment to increasing equality and human rights in the world. Her willingness to expand her influence as a change agent to better her community, country, and the world is something for which the Q Fund is very proud.  

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