Meet Our Guatemala Program Coordinator, Beverly Tecun

By Connie Ning

Beverly 3.jpg

Beverly Tecun

Quetzal University Fund Coordinator

If one were looking for the perfect staff person to be in charge of the on the ground, daily challenges of the Quetzal Fund girls, one would need look no further than the amazing Beverly Tucun.


For starters, Beverly holds a B.A. in business administration, an unbelievable accomplishment for a Maya woman from rural Guatemala (only 1% of indigenous women in this country attain this level of education). But Beverly brings so much more to the table than her degree. Somehow she manages to keep in touch with all 45 Q. Fund students through all their obstacles and successes. She’s their “other mother,” someone they can talk to when grades and self-confidence tumble. She’s a tireless mentor and cheerleader, locating tutors for difficult subjects and encouraging perseverance. Beverly understands the Maya culture and is an expert at handling dicey family situation with gentle but persuasive diplomacy. She knows just how to help our new students find just the right university to pursue their career choice.

In addition, Beverly manages all the complicated finances that a university student encounters. This includes tuition payments, room and board for full time students, transportation costs, etc.  Beverly’s the bridge between the U.S. Quetzal Committee and the students.  To this end she’s taught herself English, her third language.

The passion Beverly brings to all of this is born of a heart as big as the ocean of love she pours out to “her girls” as well as a keen intellect to navigate a complicated university system, families that are suspect of girls education, and the challenges a girl faces academically as she tries to find her way down a path no one in her family or community has ever traveled.


We’re so very grateful to this amazing young woman.  Beverly is the magic ingredient that makes the possibility of a university education a reality for our Quetzal Fund students.  We wish you all could meet this charming young woman.  We could never have the success we do with our students without her magical wisdom and deep caring and compassion.