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May 4, 2019


On May 4, the Quetzal University Fund sponsored a Kentucky Derby Tea fundraiser at the home of Barbara and Al Steger in Evergreen.  Over 40 participants enjoyed a delightful luncheon and tea prepared by a team of dedicated volunteers who went all out with an assortment of delicacies.   Tables were decorated in Kentucky Derby fashion, and the ladies in the crowd enjoyed showing off their colorful hats and other Kentucky derby attire.  The highlight of the day was an address by Lidia Oxi, Director of the MAIA Impact School High School in Solola Guatemala.  Lidia spoke of her own humble beginnings in a large family in rural Guatemala, and how she has been able to progress to a position of leadership in her community thanks to support from people like those in attendance.  Together the tea raised nearly $8,500, including at least one new sponsor for a Quetzal Fund student.