Anjelica is the third of six children.  Her sister is a Starfish student.  Both of her parents are supportive of Angelica’s education. 

She has been admitted to the University del Valle, Guatemala City and will be studying bio-medical engineering. 

Angelica speaks English and has visited Colorado.  She is positive, kind, responsible, curious, loves to read and is confident.  Life is an adventure for her and she welcomes the chance to try new things.  She is also very bright.  

Bernardina is the fourth of eight children and lives in a rural area outside San Andres.  Her father is currently unemployed and the family struggles economically.  She currently attends high school in Panajachel but travel to and from her home is very dangerous.
She has done very well in high school.

Bernardina is interested in law and in having her own business.

Brenda comes from a family with seven children of which she is the sixth.  Her four oldest siblings completed 6th grade; one finished high school.  Her mother died many years ago and her father is supportive and believes in gender equity. 

Brenda wants to become a nurse and have her own clinic.  She is very service oriented.

Irma lives with her family in the hills above Solola.  She is the third of seven children and wants to study nursing.  Both parents are supportive, but are unable to help her financially. 

She currently attends a pre-med high school in Panajachel and her parents are not opposed to her living away from home to study.  In Junior High School, she was president of her class.

Irma would like to use her nursing skills to help families in her remote community as there are no clinics or medical professionals there currently.  She is enthusiastic, kind, has a positive attitude, and is a team player.

Joselin comes from a family with five siblings.  Her father is a carpenter and she is the first to study beyond high school in her family.

Joselin is a very bright student and is studying nursing fulltime at Rafael Landivar.

Kimberly is the youngest of five children.  Her mother is in a local woman’s leadership group and values educating girls.  Both parents are supportive.

She states that she was unfairly treated at her local high school because she stood up for herself.  She is now attending San Francisco in Panajachel.

She wants to study business administration.  She is strong and determined with a great desire to continue her studies. 

Maria is the fourth of eight children. Her father does not want her to live away from home because he wants her to work during the week.   

She has studied at UVG  (University del Valle de Guatemala) and knows a lot of English.  Mari will study nursing at Rafael Landivar.  She is very enthusiastic, inquisitive, and eager to learn. 

Milsa lives with her mother and two older brothers and a younger brother and sister. One older brother has physical challenges and is in a wheel chair.  Her mother has been involved with Friendship Bridge and has a thriving weaving business.

Milsa speaks English fluently as she attended an international high school in which classes were in English.  She wants to study tourism, could obtain technical degree in 3 years and a BA in 6 years.  Milsa is hard working and confident and has dreams of helping her community. 

She currently gives tours for Starfish visitors which include a weaving demonstration by her mother with lunch. 

Pamela’s mother is single and supports the family through an orange juice stand.  Her mother is very supportive.  Pamela helps support the family by selling make-up door to door. 

Pamela has been a participant in the Access program at UVG (University del Valle de Guatemala).  She completed most of her interview in English when applying for the Quetzal Fund.  She is very positive, enthusiastic, and wants to use her talent for learning language to help others learn languages.  She would like to become a social worker and help women in her community.    

Vilma is the second of seven children and lives in the hills near Solola.  Her only other sister is a Starfish student.  Both her parents support her desire for education.  Her favorite brother died two months before she was interviewed and this has been a tragedy for the family.  He had helped Vilma with extra school costs so his death is a great loss for the family.

Vilma wants to study nursing to help the families in her community.  She is energetic, positive, endearing, and very clear about what she wants to do in her future.   

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