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To support the most promising Starfish graduates in continuing their education by attending universities throughout Guatemala so they may become agents of change for their country and the world.


In 2007, Evergreen residents Ted and Connie Ning, together with Mimi Schlumberger, founded Starfish One-by-One as a non-profit NGO to further the education of young Mayan women in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.  In its first five years, Starfish operated as a mentoring program providing financial and other support to assist these young women to remain in school.  The program was successful beyond expectations with over 200 graduates today.

By 2015, Ted and Connie were ready to move on from Starfish and take on a new challenge.  Realizing that many of the graduates of the mentoring program had ambitions and the ability go far beyond a secondary school education, their answer was to initiate The Quetzal University Fund offering university scholarships to the top performers in the original Starfish mentoring program. 

The first class of Q Fund scholars began their studies in January of 2016.   As of January 2020, there are 45 girls studying in a variety of fields at universities throughout Guatemala.   


The Quetzal University Fund is managed by a team of dedicated volunteers who are responsible for all fundraising, administration, publicity, and selection of young women for scholarships.  They are very ably assisted by staff of MAIA in Guatemala to manage the day to day interactions with the students.  Current members of the team:

Theodore Ning, MD                                                       Connie Ning                                                                  Barbara Steger

Al Steger                                                                          Mary Lou Faddick                                                         Laura Roiger

Yvonne Yousey                                                               Anita Kreider                                                                  Margaret Swahn

Guatemala Staff:   Beverly Tecún Coj


The Quetzal University Fund is very fortunate to have two great partners. 

MAIA https://www.maiaimpact.org/ (formerly Starfish One-by-One) is our Guatemala partner, administering the program on the ground.


The Evergreen Rotary Foundation serves as fiscal sponsor providing administrative support and allowing us to use its 501(c)3 status so that all contributions are tax deductible.