“Food Relief Drive” Update

June 29, 2020

By Anita Kreider

Our “Food Relief Drive” has been amazingly successful!!  The recipient families as well as those of us on the QF Executive Board are so very grateful for the generosity of all of you who donated.  We raised enough money to extend our support beyond the 3 months we initially planned!  This is great news as COVID is on the rise in Guatemala, and like here, a return to normal is not on the immediate horizon.  We expect that some of the families who were initially doing well, may now need assistance. 


Our Guatemalan Program Coordinator, Beverly Tecun related that we had ten families who reported being in “Red”.  The parents were unemployed and there was either no income or just the income from their student’s job or internship. There were six families in “Yellow.”  Most of them were farmers and had some food from what they were able to grow but needed more food.  Other families were in “Green”.  They had adequate savings or employment that their food needs were covered for now. 


There is really no safety net in Guatemala so these families in Red or Yellow were in desperate need.  Beverly has reported that the students and their families are pulling together in this very trying time.  Their resilience is extraordinary.  Beverly said many students shed tears of gratitude at receiving the food assistance.  Some of them took photographs of the food they received, and we are posting those moving pictures below. 


Thank you again for contributing to hunger relief for some desperately needy families in Guatemala!