Zonia, the First MAIA School Nurse

by Connie Ning

October 11, 2020

Zonia in the New Clinic at the MAIA Impact School

It was at the end of Jr. high that Zonia requested a special meeting with us.  As it turns out, the meeting was to make a case for attending a private, more expensive, pre-med high school rather than the public option.  You see, Zonia really wanted to be a nurse.


Maybe this was because of the bad concussion she suffered when she fell off her roof at a young age.  Or perhaps she just was born with a heart yearning to help her community.  Whatever the motivation, Zonia did so well in her chosen high school that she was admitted to one of the best universities in Guatemala to study nursing.  After 3 years she was awarded a certificate in nursing.  Now entering her fifth year, she is close to receiving her BS.  This is quite an accomplishment for a poor, rural indigenous girl.  No one in her family had even finished primary school.


Meanwhile, the MAIA school was built and now has 200 students.  It was time for them to hire a school nurse.  Zonia with her boundless energy and can-do attitude was the perfect candidate.  And she was thrilled to accept this position.


These days she is busy pricing and purchasing equipment for the school clinic, obtaining the proper documents for the clinic from the Guatemalan government, and consolidating the medical records of each student.  Hopefully, the girls will return for in person classes in January.


The Quetzal Fund celebrates each and every student that finds the perfect job for their chosen profession.  This month we celebrate Zonia who has found just such an amazing fit for her nursing skills.